There is something about arriving at your holiday home in the March sunshine and being the first to see the seasonal flowers in full bloom.

The image of a carefully manicured garden springs to mind, not at Seashells, we have a rustic, natural element to our garden, red glorious tulips launching themselves out from amongst the wild green mint, yellow tipped Euphorbia – Mediterranean Spurge fighting for space in their upright glory. The Rosemary bush flushed with lilac flowers, ready to be plucked for lunch’s seasoning. Dark purple tall Iris in full splendour and magnificence.

The Spring garden is starting to come alive. Seashells’ garden is a sunny spot, south facing, where plants and flowers grow all year round, the soil is fertile and the sea air at night damp and full of nutrients, it’s a mini wild paradise.

Three evergreen mature Olive trees line the garden boundary, bearing bountiful black fruit and you can hear the Bamboo bushes rustling gently in the breeze. This is why, even in the cooler days of early spring you can enjoy sitting outside and quietly observing the beauty of nature waking up, coming alive before you and by the end of the month new buds will form on other plants and bushes ready for the next seasons’ floral glory to begin.