Name one thing you take the time to do every single time you go on holiday? Admit it, – race to find the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

It’s something we rarely do in the throws of regular life, but on holiday, it goes hand in hand with completing that special indulgent day. Rewardingly tired, you find yourself on the beach, in a cafe, on the balcony, in a restaurant, – anywhere in fact that you know you are about to witness one of the most spectacular routines this Earth has to offer.

And offer it does. Even after billions of years, there is still something so magical about the sun going down. A big ball of yellow sun gliding onto the horizon and with it, it’s blazing colours streaming out into the sky, painting it red, orange and deep purple.

There’s something so optimistic about a sunset, it gives you a feeling of inner peace, evokes happiness and contentment and that is why you seek it out.

These images are one of  the many photos taken from Seashells’ sun terrace, hard to believe it’s England sometimes, but from this location it always delivers and always introduces new bright colours and shapes into the sky. Every day all seasons it’s stunning and it’s different.

Come and see for yourself, Kent, that’s all. You needn’t travel far.