Sound familiar?

A few have compared this 2020 Corona Lock Down to that of WWII. Certainly, the camaraderie I have witnessed has regained my faith in humanity, we have been on the receiving end of Acts of Kindness which I will be keen to Pay Forward.

In post war Britain, women were thrust out of the factories they had worked so hard for in the war effort and back in to the kitchen. But, did you know the materials these women were building Lancaster Bombers and Spitfires with, were to be used to construct these kitchens?

In this Covid-19 Crisis, a great deal of British businesses have adapted and evolved at rapid speed in order to survive. In 1948, CSA – Constant Speed Airscrews Ltd of Warwick, found it’s product demand had declined overnight. They were left with industrial machinery, a grand workforce and huge stockpiles of steel and aluminium. But what to do with it?

They diversified, created British Design History and using their aeronautical technology launched the ‘English Rose’ Modular Contemporary Kitchen. These Bubble Gum colour-coated aluminium kitchens adorned the prosperous-few new homes and became the most desirable interior out of their Showroom in Mayfair from the 1950’s.

One such kitchen has found it’s way into Seashells, with it’s steel topped shining work surface and pistachio and blazen red units, it’s both functional and exciting as kitchen’s go, truly an experience to behold. With over 60 years of British history in one space, who has used it over these years?

Spare a thought for the woman who went from factory engineer in a boiler suit to pinafored, petticoated housewife in the kitchen. One thing is for sure, this kitchen with love and attention and a little bit of servicing will survive at least another 60 years into the future.