Was the most frequently asked question since my daughter mastered the art of speech.

Having never had a dog and with the latent every-minute-of-the-day exhaustion a young family brings, I wasn’t interested in another being to take care of. Following a few years of my 8 year old adorning every inanimate surface with pictures of puppies I decided to ‘consider’ it. Well, maybe if we just looked after other dogs this would be enough. However, it looks like all the other dogs were ‘in on it’ as they were such a joy to look after, so cute and cuddly and frankly just so grateful for love and attention.

They say the dog finds you.

Whilst on a beautiful local walk from The Sportsman along Seasalter Beach, a friend showed a photo of a litter of puppies looking for new homes. An innate, chemical reaction happened and I knew at that moment, with the autumn sun on our face and a gentle sea breeze in our hair, that one of those apricot little bundles had to join us in our family home..
We’ve not looked back, our dog makes us laugh, challenges us, gives back all the love we offer and has enhanced our family in ways we never knew possible.

That’s why we’ve opened up Seashells Holiday Home to families wanting to bring their dogs’ along too, there are so many beautiful dog walks in Seasalter along the beach, down to the salt marshes, inland to the estuary and all the woods and fields in between.

Remember, doggies need holidays too.