This beautiful photo was taken of the sea in front of Seashells on Seasalter Beach, Kent. When the sky is blue like this and the sea is dead calm, it’s hard to believe that this is England, but we have many photos just like this. You don’t need to fly to the other side of the world to, simply put it, give-yourself-a-break. Sometimes, places to put your mind and body back together again, are not that far from your doorstep.

I imagine we all have an imprint in our memory of a beautiful place we’ve been to, where we felt our most calm.  I know that looking out to a horizon like this raises so many emotions.  But looking out to the expanse of the blue sea, having that perspective of space and a 180 degree vista, frees up your mind from all clutter and in turn you feel open and relaxed.

The truth is, a view of the water has great impact on the way you are feeling. It has been proven that there is a positive correlation in being by the sea and good health. The Victorians were renowned for it, ‘sea air’ often being prescribed as a cure for respiratory and mental health.

Being by the sea also compels us to go outside, even in all weathers. In winter, it’s nice to wrap up warm, get out and go for a walk even in bracing sea winds. High crashing white waves, sea spray on your face and blustering gales raise feelings full of emotion and energy. It’s a calling to be outside, it’s great exercise, releases positive endorphins and in turn helps you feel better.

In the summer, watching the sea or bobbing around in the water aids our relaxation. It helps our body and mind unwind.

The water is a calming presence, it’s so nearby and it’s actually quite beautiful, listening to the gentle waves of the water helps us fall asleep and the smell of fresh salty air is so soothing.

This is why we are still drawn to the sea.